5 Great Plants for Attracting Hummingbirds In Texas

5 Great Plants for Attracting Hummingbirds In Texas
June 18, 2021 handsomelawn
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There is something about hummingbirds that people go crazy about. Perhaps it’s the tiny size of the bird, the rapidly fast beating of the wings, the long, thin beak, or the way that they can pause mid-flight and hover, but whatever the reason, hummingbirds are quite magical. The good news for anyone in Texas is that if you want to attract these beautiful birds, it’s easier than you think. There are plenty of plants for attracting hummingbirds in Texas that you can line your yard with that will do all of the work for you.

One of the main keys in terms of attracting hummingbirds to your yard is to plant flowers as well as places where hummingbirds can find shelter, water, shade, and security. Not to mention, food! For instance, flowering shrubs, dwarf trees, and vines can all be used to create an ideal habitat for hummingbirds. But if you really want to attract hummingbirds, while simultaneously leveling up your yard, you’ll want to start by planting…

Coral Honeysuckle

Hummingbirds start to arrive in Texas in March, so it’ll be important to find a flower that starts to bloom by then. Coral Honeysuckle is a perfect choice as it blooms from March through June. In addition, though, Coral Honeysuckle is perfect for hummingbirds because they are red and tubular in shape which is a classic attractant for hummingbirds.

Cigar Plant

Speaking of tubular flowers, the Cigar Plant is another great choice to bring hummingbirds to your yard all summer long. Blooming from May through August, you’ll be able to grow this tropical plant in full sun, which is most helpful in Texas. Having both Coral Honeysuckle and Cigar Plants will have blossoming flowers in your garden from March through August, which is prime time for hummingbirds to feed. 

Trumpet Creeper

If you want to keep the hummingbirds around before they begin their fall migration, then plant a few beautiful Trumpet Creepers throughout your yard, too. Trumpet Creepers bloom between July and September and prefer full sunlight. Perhaps the most classic hummingbird attractor, Trumpet Creepers are truly stunning to look at, but also provides huge, bright red flowers that will attract all the hummingbirds. These flowers usually peak in August or September, which means that hummingbirds will still be around before trekking back north for autumn.

Cardinal Flower

Cardinal Flowers are classic red, low-to-the-ground flowers that will bloom from July through October. The Cardinal Flower is beloved by hummingbirds, as they provide a bit more water than the other flowers mentioned. These flowers require more maintenance than the rest, as they prefer consistent moisture and partial shade. So, keep them watered throughout the warmer months and you’ll have hummingbirds around into the autumn.

Hummingbird Bush 

As the name suggests, the Hummingbird Bush, also known as the scarlet bush or fire bush is a big attractant for hummingbirds. With stunning red-orange color, this plant is native to the south and can grow up to two feet in height. These bushes have upright stems that are tube-shaped which makes it really easy for the birds to feed.

Beyond the flowers and shrubs that you can plant in your yard, there are other ways to attract hummingbirds, too. Since hummingbirds start their fall migration back north between August and November, you’ll want to help them feed and prepare for the journey. So, purchasing a feeder or two, preferably red, is helpful to attract hummingbirds, as well as supply a consistent water source.

As always, if you need help with plants for attracting hummingbirds in Texas, we can certainly give you a hand. Just give us a call at Handsome Lawn Service!