5 Main Differences Between Using Gas-Powered Mowers Versus Electric Mowers

5 Main Differences Between Using Gas-Powered Mowers Versus Electric Mowers
October 16, 2021 handsomelawn
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Many decades ago, the only lawnmowers you could choose from were manual and gas-powered. Each of these had its own sets of drawbacks. For instance, with manual, you were putting in a lot of labor to cut those blades. Meanwhile, gas-powered usually left some black smoke in its wake, and when you ran out mid-cut, you had to stop in your tracks and head to the gas station for more fuel. But over the past few years, with improved technology, new lawnmowers have been popping up left and right, many of which run off of electricity! Are these electric lawnmowers really worth all the hype? Should you buy a corded or cordless electric? What’s the major difference between gas-powered and electric lawnmowers? Do you dare upgrade and ditch the gas can forever?! Here are a few important things to know about gas-powered mowers versus electric mowers.

Bigger lawn? Stick to gas.

If you have a large lawn, we’re talking above 10,000 square feet, then it’s likely a good idea to stick to a gas mower as it can get the job done in one shot. Provided you have enough fuel, of course. But with electric battery-powered mowers, you’ll only have a certain amount of lawn to cut before the battery runs out. Additionally, a corded mower only can reach what your extension cord can reach and that’s it. If your lawn is smaller, then you may want a lighter mower that’s electric to get in and out fast.

Looking for maneuverability? Electric is the answer.

Electric mowers tend to be much lighter than gas-powered mowers, with some corded electric running 35 pounds at most. This makes them easy to maneuver and easy to push around. If you have inclines, electric battery-powered may be the way to go, especially if you need to skirt flowerbeds and trees.

Noise and smells are at a minimum with electric mowers.

What’s most appealing for many homeowners who choose an electric mower is the fact that the noise and smells are at a minimum as you mow. With gas-powered mowers, you’ll have a very noisy mowing ahead of you, sometimes comparable to the sound of a motorcycle! Electric mowers are much quieter and do not emit any smell of gasoline, which provides a healthier experience, too.

Eco-friendly factor.

Gas mowers are powered by fossil fuel and they emit hydrocarbon gases in the air. So, if you’re looking to minimize your carbon footprint, this might not be the way to go. Electric mowers, both corded and battery-powered create zero emissions as you mow, so you’ll have a more eco-friendly approach to your lawn care.

Consider the length of your grass.

If you’re the type of person who waits a bit between cuts and sometimes allows the grass to get unruly, then a gas-powered mower might be a better choice. Electric mowers that are battery-powered can run for even less time if your grass has gotten too high. The extra power needed to cut can really drain the battery. So if you want a quicker cut without worrying about running out of power, gas is the way to go.

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