5 Simple Ways To Make Your Texas Grass Thicker And Keep It That Way

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Texas Grass Thicker And Keep It That Way
September 10, 2021 handsomelawn
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Keeping your grass lush and thick is not such a simple feat. No, it takes a bit of know-how, some legwork, and a few up-the-sleeve tricks to make your Texas grass thicker and keep it that way. But fear not friends, this is what you have us here for. We want to let you in on some trade secrets that you can employ in order to get your Texas grass to its desired thickness all year long. Get your pen and paper ready, because you might want to take some notes.

Before we dive right in, let’s talk about why thick grass is important. It’s not just for aesthetic reasons that you’ll want your grass thick, but it also is to help your lawn overall. For instance, a well-fed, thick lawn is your best defense against weeds. Weeds won’t have any place to grow and certainly can’t compete when your beautiful, lush lawn has taken over. In addition, taller, thicker grass casts more shade, which prevents weeds seeds from germinating at all!

1. Mowing The Right Way

While many homeowners might think that mowing the lawn is as easy as zipping around for an afternoon, it actually is a bit more complex than that. Mowing habits overall can have a big impact on how your grass grows. When you mow at the right length, you’ll be able to encourage grass to grow. So, try to aim for a weekly mow of once per week, plus leaving the grass blades around 3.5 inches to promote growth. Also, get those mower blades sharpened up regularly!

2. Water, Water, Water!

This one seems like an obvious one, but it should be reiterated over and over again. The quickest way to get a lush healthy lawn is by watering it regularly. Just like plants around your house, your grass needs the right amount of water at the right times. You’ll want to water early in the morning around sunrise so that the water can get to the roots. Aim to water less often, but saturate the grass more each time.

3. Get A Lawn Soil Test

This is something often overlooked by homeowners. A lawn soil test is a great way to see what nutrients your lawn is lacking so that you can add a specific fertilizer to the maintenance mix. Adding the right fertilizer will certainly add to the density and overall health of your grass. For instance, if your pH isn’t right for your soil and you’re not balancing that out with the right fertilizer, your grass will suffer.

4. Aerate Your Lawn

Just as important as regularly fertilizing, aerating is another great way to level up your lawn. The water and nutrients you’re providing your grass need to get to the roots, right? Over time, with foot traffic, pets, or even hard weather, your grass can become compacted. Annual aeration will break up the soil and not only allows the yard to breathe but also absorb water and nutrients better.

5. Make Sure Conditions Are Ideal

It’s not as simple as just wanting lush, green grass in your yard. Sometimes, it’s just not possible if conditions aren’t ideal. For instance, we talked about soil testing to make sure grass can grow, but another thing to consider is shade. Sun is necessary for grass to grow and when sunshine isn’t able to pass through the trees with ease, then you might have an area where it just isn’t possible. Make sure to trim your branches or thin out your trees regularly to allow for more light to get through. But also, if it just is too shady in one area of your yard, try a new approach with some hardscaping instead!

As always, if you need the professionals to swoop in and make your Texas grass thicker all year long and keep it that way, give us a call at Handsome Lawn Service.