7 Secrets To A Truly Healthy Lawn In Texas

7 Secrets To A Truly Healthy Lawn In Texas
October 9, 2021 handsomelawn
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Having a healthy, flourishing, vibrant lawn in Texas takes work. For some new homeowners, the idea of just having a lovely green lawn comes with the territory. But, there may be a rude awakening when brown spots arise, dead grass surfaces, or weeds take hold. Fear, not friends, having a truly healthy lawn in Texas is not just for those who break their backs every spring and fall. We have 10 secrets that will likely help you get the lawn of your dreams all year long.

1. Water, Water, Water.

While this might not be much of a secret to lawn care, you’d be surprised how many homeowners forget this crucial step, especially in Texas. Watering between a half-inch to a full inch of water each week, especially in high temperatures, is critical.

2. Mowing the right way.

Yep, that’s the secret – there is a right way and wrong way to mow your lawn. When you mow the right way, this means you aren’t mowing too short, but keeping it between 3-4 inches in length. Mower blades should be sharp, folks! And also, you’ll want to mow ideally about once per week.

3. Don’t fear the fertilizer!

The secret is this: grass does not automatically have all the nutrients needed to grow well. Over time, lawns leech nutrients, which creates a need. This is why fertilizing is such an important task! Give your lawn an extra, necessary boost with fertilizer. 

4. Start with a test.

If you don’t know where to start or WHY your lawn isn’t shaping up, start with a test. Having a soil test can be a great jumping-off point to see what nutrients you’re lacking and what treatments are necessary. Then, from there, you can build an actual lawn care plan.

5. Take charge of everything not welcome.

Have an idea of what’s welcome in your yard and what’s not. You might prefer to have ground cover and weeds stay, but pests and insects gone, or vice versa. When you take charge of what’s not welcome in your yard, you’re taking the right step toward a dream lawn.

6. Don’t skip the aeration!

Aerating your lawn is so important if you want to have a lush, green lawn, especially if you’re already fertilizing it! Water and nutrients need to get to the roots of your lawn in order for the grass to flourish. Aerating can help release the compacted lawn to allow this to happen.

7. Consider the shady spots.

Do you have trees in your yard that create shady spots in the grass? Does your tree growth prevent you from having thick, vibrant grass? You may need to take the time to thin out these branches to allow the light through. Take inventory of the shadiest spots in your lawn, which might require a quick remedy.

How many of these secrets to having a healthy lawn in Texas are new to you? Have you incorporated any of them already into your yard repertoire? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section! Or if you need a bit more professional help with your lawn, then give us a call over at Handsome Lawn Service.