8 Pro Tools That Will Make Your Landscaping Job Much Easier

8 Pro Tools That Will Make Your Landscaping Job Much Easier
October 24, 2021 handsomelawn
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Keeping your yard nice and tidy is no simple task. You need a bit of know-how, the energy to keep it up, and the tools that will make life so much easier. This is why many people call on us at Handsome Lawn Service to have things up-to-speed in your yard in no time. However, if you’d still like to have a few landscaping tools in your arsenal, we don’t blame you. We recommend these eight pro landscaping tools to have on hand to make your life much easier.


While this might seem like an obvious one, there are actually a few tips you can use to snag some top-quality gloves to help protect your hands during landscaping. Washable synthetic gloves and great for dry materials, cotton gloves coated with latex are perfect for wet materials, and leather gloves will provide your hands with the best protection overall.

Pruning Shears

Long-handled pruning shears are used to remove branches, especially in places you can’t reach with short-handled shears. These sharp-ended shears will often be able to cut through branches up to one inch in thickness.


A lopper is a type of scissor that is similar to a long-handled pruning shear. Loopers, however, are manually operated by two hands and can offer a great way to trim the surrounding area with ease. The main difference between a lopper and a pruning shears is that a lopper is a two-handed tool while the pruning shears are single-handed.


If you’re doing any manual tilling, a broadfork will come in handy. This multi-use landscaping tool is perfect for turning, tilling, lifting, and aerating soil manually. With two poles as handles, you can drive the broadfork into the ground with ease while holding onto the two grips.


If you have a landscaping project that requires trimming, pruning big branches, pruning bushes, or even carving, a chainsaw will become mighty useful. There are plenty of different sizes of chainsaws, from handheld to massive behemoths used for cutting down big branches. Just make sure you choose what is right for your project and your level of comfort.


A garden spade is a perfect tool for turning soil and edging a garden bed. There are different varieties of spades available, including garden spade, trenching spade, and a drain spade to name a few. The long, flattened, rectangular blade is perfect for light cultivation in order to cut through sod and reshape areas of your yard.

Electric Pole Saw

A big hassle when landscaping comes in the form of branches and trees that you just can’t reach. The last thing you want to do is climb up on a ladder and balance your way into lopping a branch or two. This is where the electric pole saw comes in. This electric tree trimmer offers power and precisions for those inaccessible branches in your yard.

Pointed & Square Shovels

Everyone needs a solid set of shovels, right? A sturdy square point shovel will give you the option to move loose garden material, soil, debris, or sand with ease. plus you can mix concrete or level off uneven areas. These shovels are especially useful when working in the garden. Meanwhile, pointed shovels are great anytime you need to dig through something. Using a pointed shovel, you can cut through compacted soil, rocky soil, and other tough terrains.

So, how many of these pro landscaping tools do you already have? Make sure to share with us in the comments section! As always, if you don’t feel like stocking up on tools and prefer to have us take the lead, then give us a ring at Handsome Lawn Service.