Best Tropical Plants To Put By Your Pool In North Texas

Best Tropical Plants To Put By Your Pool In North Texas
March 12, 2021 handsomelawn
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As the weather starts to get warmer, you might be starting to think about ways you can jazz up your pool landscaping in Texas. Adding a pop of color here, maybe some depth there, it will likely make all the difference in your yard. The truth is, you can’t just choose any type of plant that looks good next to the pool, the plants also have to withstand the Texas heat and sun, too. But fear not, there are quite a few tropical plants that are not only beautiful in landscaping, but also will thrive in Texas. Here are a few plants to consider for your pool landscaping in Texas.


Likely one of the most popular choices for tropical landscaping by a pool, the versatility of a palm tree is quite rewarding, not to mention it adds a nice touch of ambiance. You can start with a few small palms and watch them grow over the years, creating the ultimate tropical paradise. A few types of palms to consider for Texas though, include the Needle Palm, the Texas Sabal Palm, and the Windmill Palm. These three can all withstand Texas winters and then thrive in the summer.


Simply put, plumerias LOVE Texas. You can start these out in pots before transplanting to your poolside garden. Make sure to give Plumeria a lot of sun, at minimum 6 to 8 hours every day, with some shade in the afternoons if possible. Regular watering is necessary for these flowers to thrive. Also, if it ever dips below 33 degrees, you’ll want to protect these in order for them to survive.


Many people choose to add succulents around their pool because they are temperature tolerant, low maintenance, and add tons of shape and structure. Succulents add a bounty of vibrant green color, plus they can be used to fill in any bare areas around the pool, too. As an added bonus, succulents mix well with other plants, too!


Nothing looks better surrounding a pool than a huge, flowering bush of hibiscus. These colorful beauties thrive in Texas, especially when they have some protection from afternoon sun. Too much sun exposure will cause a hibiscus to bloom less, so find a place where you can get a little bit of shade, too. You can start hibiscus in a container and then plant in the ground soon after.

Mexican Feather Grass

This type of ornamental grass is a great way to add some texture and movement to your pool landscaping. Mexican Feather Grass softly sways with the wind, due to the fine-texture and graceful, tall blades. This native grass will likely not make it through winter, but don’t worry—come spring blooms, this grass will remerge better than ever.

Remember to keep in mind the plants you consider for your pool landscaping in Texas should be able to withstand reflective heat too, and any sort of glare from concrete. Avoid any plants that will drop leaves, fruit, or anything of the like. For instance, a pecan tree would just end up causing problems, like a clogged drain or staining around the pool. As always, if you need help jazzing up your pool landscaping in Texas, you can always rely on Handsome Lawn Service to help.