Caring For Your Japanese Maple Tree In Texas

Caring For Your Japanese Maple Tree In Texas
January 2, 2021 handsomelawn
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Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Japanese maple tree growing in their backyard, and unfortunately, those that do, might not have the knowledge or tools to properly care for it. While the Japanese maple is native to the lush, mountainous woodlands of Japan, they can actually survive quite well in Texas as long as they are given proper care and attention. At Handsome Lawn Service, we can help your Japanese maple tree in Texas, while simultaneously providing the knowledge you need to care for it going forward.

Why Do Japanese Maples Thrive In Texas?

There are over 100 different species of maple trees that grow throughout the globe, and many of those survive well in Texas. The climate in Texas, especially in the Northeast provides excellent conditions for growing maple trees, as they are known to be very hardy plants that are typically drought-resistant. Maple trees grown in Texas aren’t known for producing maple syrup or any sap, but they do add quite a variety of natural beauty and color to one’s backyard.

How To Care For Your Japanese Maple?

Caring for your Japanese maple tree is not difficult, but it does require a few particularities. For instance, heavy shade and regular watering should be mandatory. A Japanese maple should not be in direct Texas sunlight all year long as it will likely lose leaves or die. So if you’re seeking to plant a Japanese maple for the first time, try to find an area of your yard that is partially shaded or near shading trees. Additionally, Japanese maples prefer more acidic soil that drains well. You won’t need to water as often during the rainy seasons, however, when there isn’t much rain, you will need to water, and water deeply.

How We Can Help With Your Japanese Maple Tree

It might sound daunting at first, but the rewards of having a Japanese maple tree in your backyard will be tenfold. Looking out your window and seeing the vibrant red and orange colors of the leaves is as breathtaking as it gets. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone on your Japanese maple journey. Handsome Lawn Service will help you care for your tree, including using the right fertilizer to keep your tree growing strong and healthy all year long. We use Happy Frog Japanese Maple Fertilizer, specifically formulated for Japanese maples. This fertilizer will deliver all the right nutrients to your tree in order to help with water absorption and root efficiency.

If you have a Japanese maple tree in Texas or you’re looking to plant a few, make sure to give us a call so that we can help your tree thrive for many years to come!