Code of Conduct

Welcome to Handsome Lawn Service.

We take pride in our work and ourself at Handsome Lawn Service. Below you will find a few disclaimers that you will need to acknowledge and agree to before you start work. Please feel free to respond with any questions or concerns you may have.

Code of Conduct:

• We are gentlemen and women.

We respect the customer and their property. We watch our mouths and speak respectfully to all people. We respect ourself as well as our equipment and property. We take pride in being gentlemen and women. We show up on time, every time. We take responsibility. We do not lie, cheat, or steal. We do not litter (this includes cigarette butts). We keep our bad habits away from customers. We leave the place better than when we arrived. We walk tall and are proud. We have a brand to protect.

• We are safe.

We practice safety at all times. When a customer is within 25 feet, we pause work to avoid someone getting hurt from flying debris, etc. We do the same for any pedestrian walking, running, etc. We wear clothing to protect ourself properly. There are gloves and safety glasses on the truck that you are free to use at any time. Please replace after use at the end of the day. While these gloves and glasses may not be your favorite, you are free to bring your own gear to use instead. If you choose not to wear protective clothing, understand this is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

It is suggested that you wear long pants and closed toe shoes/boots for your own safety as well. If you choose to wear shorts or anything less protective, this is AT YOUR OWN RISK AS WELL. Any type of open toed shoes are not permitted. A Handsome Lawn Service uniform shirt will be provided for you to wear and should be visible at all times.

• We work hard.

We are proud of the quality of work we produce at Handsome Lawn Service. We do a thorough job and we do it well. We listen to the customer’s request and we supersede their requests. We do not take phone calls or texts while on the job. This is to be saved for in the truck, between jobs. It is best to leave your cell phone in the truck. If any one person is still working, you should be working as well. We are a team and we finish as a team. There is always something more to do (i.e. Top off equipment with gas, pickup trash, pull weeds, etc.).

• We stay hydrated and well nourished.

Handsome Lawn Service provides bottled water on the truck that are free to anyone. We encourage you to drink as much as you need to stay healthy, coherent, & hydrated. Should you need anything other than water (i.e. Gatorade, Powerade, Rockstar, etc.), feel free to bring it with you to place in the ice chest. While we do occasionally stop at Quicktrip, etc., It is not guaranteed that we stop to eat. It is your responsibility to bring any type of food and nourishment you need to stay strong and productive throughout the day. Most of us bring our lunch. Our breaks are in the truck, in between jobs. This is when we generally eat and take phone calls, etc.

• Compensation

Your first day is XX,XX,XXXX . Your starting pay is $XX/hr. This hourly wage will be reviewed after a month of no absences or tardies. Understand that if you are late, it is highly possible we leave without you and you will be terminated. Not showing up to work is grounds for immediate termination. You are part of a team. We rely on one another. If you are not dependable, it is best you let us know now to avoid wasting anyone’s time or energy.

Unless otherwise noted, we will meet at 7:45 am each work day to gas up and be able to arrive at the first job by 8:00 am. Should there be a chance of inclement weather, it is your responsibility to contact me before you leave for work to verify.

The current meeting place is:

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

4400 W Arkansas Lane

Arlington, TX 76016

You are required to fill out a W-9 for tax purposes before you are paid. You will be paid in cash as the end of each work day.

We appreciate your interest in Handsome Lawn Service. We receive a lot of applicants here. If you are receiving this welcome letter, it is because we saw something in you that would be beneficial to the team. This job will build your character and impress. Our goal is that you become a better individual, being a part of Handsome Lawn Service. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, you are always free to call or text me.

If you understand and agree to everything in this welcome letter, a simple reply of “I accept and agree” will be your validation that is required to start your first day.

Stay Sharp,

Phillip Vanarsdel

Handsome Lawn Service



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