Does Your Texas Lawn Have Mushrooms? Here’s Why & What To Do

Does Your Texas Lawn Have Mushrooms? Here’s Why & What To Do
January 15, 2022 handsomelawn
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Mushrooms are delicious when you pair them with a white wine sauce and some perfectly-cooked chicken, but when they grow ravenously in your yard, they can be quite pesky. In Texas, there are quite a few wild mushrooms that grow, mostly popping up in yards after a rainfall. If you’re the type that wants to get rid of lawn mushrooms once and for all, then we have you covered. What can often become quite invasive can easily be handled, leaving your yard fresh and clean.

Do Mushrooms Grow In Texas?

If you’ve ever been to the Pacific Northwest, then you’re likely familiar with random mushrooms sprouting up here and there due to the rain and damp conditions. But what does it mean when mushrooms sprout up in your yard in Texas? When heavy rains sweep the state, especially during springtime, this can bring about the growth of a lot of fungi in your Texas yard. While this happens frequently in central parts of the state, it also can happen north, too. First and foremost, if you see mushrooms or other fungi sprouting up in your yard and you have pets or small children, it’s best that you get rid of them fast. Not all wild mushrooms are toxic, but it’s hard to differentiate which ones are not with the naked eye, so it’s best to err on the side of caution with this one.

How To Tell If You Have Mushroom Growth In Your Yard

To put it very plainly, you’ll likely see these little capped wonders sprouting up within different patches of grass, mulch, or other pockets of nature that can retain moisture. Some mushrooms may even create patterns in your grass, like circular ones. In fact, there are over 50 different species of fungi that will create a unique circular patch, so keep your eyes out for these in particular. All it takes is one single spore to unleash a bevy of fungi throughout your yard.

Is All Mushroom Growth Bad?

The truth is when you see mushroom growth in your yard, it’s likely a sign of good things. Mushrooms aid in breaking down organic matter in the soil, which results in nutrients your lawn can use. Seeing mushrooms usually means that your soil is rich and of good quality.

How To Get Rid Of Mushrooms In Your Yard

While mushrooms can be beneficial, they can also be an unsightly problem within your yard, but more importantly, they can be a great risk to children and pets. So how do you get rid of these lawn fungi, you ask? Easy. Using a simple fungicide spray, you can spray your lawn’s surface to kill off any mushrooms or spores. Over time, the mushrooms should shrink or die off completely. For a more natural approach, use household vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the mushrooms directly. You can also use dish soap as another natural way to interrupt a mushroom’s life cycle.

As always, if you want to get rid of lawn mushrooms in your yard and you need a hand, give us a call at Handsome Lawn Service.