Everything You Need To Know About Using Pre-Emergents In Your Yard In Texas

Everything You Need To Know About Using Pre-Emergents In Your Yard In Texas
January 22, 2022 handsomelawn
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Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Emergents In Texas

There are many different ways for you to treat your grass outside of the growing season that are equally as important to the overall health. For instance, now might be the time in Texas that we start discussing pre-emergents and why they’re a great part of your lawn care regimen. Before you start getting overwhelmed at the idea of introducing another element of lawn care maintenance into your itinerary, take heed that using pre-emergents in your yard is very easy and just requires a little bit of introductory know-how. Let’s dive right in…

What Is A Pre-Emergent?

A pre-emergent herbicide is used preventatively in order to block weed seeds from germinating before emerging in your yard. These herbicides are most effective when the timing of their placement is right, so knowing exactly when to use them will help greatly. In addition, you’ll also want to know the right type of pre-emergent for your yard specifically, as well as the proper way to apply it.

A pre-emergent will enter into the soil and stay there for one to six months. During this time, the pre-emergent will kill any seeds that begin to germinate. Since the pre-emergent doesn’t discriminate on the seeds, it will also attack grass, which is why you want to apply this herbicide before any grass seeds begin to grow. However, it is good to know that a pre-emergent will not attack already established or mature plants or dormant seeds.

When To Use Pre-Emergent On Your Yard?

Using a pre-emergent can depend on the season and what your intentions are. But also, it can depend on where you’re located in the country. For Texas residents, since our state is usually warmer in February than many other states, using a pre-emergent around January/February for spring growth is essential. Remember, since pre-emergents kill weeds BEFORE they emerge, you’ll want to get the timing just right. Apply to the soil before the temperature reaches 55+ degrees and right before any seeds begin to germinate in the soil.

How To Apply Pre-Emergents

For anyone who hasn’t applied pre-emergents to their yard before, the application can be as important as the timing. You’ll need to start with the right tools and the right type of herbicide. For instance, there are granular herbicides, liquid herbicides, selective, and non-selective. Depending on the type of pre-emergent you need, your application methods will differ. For example, applying granular herbicide means that you’ll need to fill a spreader, either manual push or hand-held, and make sure to spread it as evenly as possible across the entire lawn. you’ll want to go over the same area a few times just to make sure that the herbicide has spread evenly.

In the case of liquid pre-emergent, you’ll need a sprayer tool, which often comes with the liquid pre-emergent. Follow directions to use the correct water to pre-emergent ratio and then systematically spray the lawn evenly, row by row as you mow your lawn. Just make sure everything is covered and that you don’t miss any spots!

Are you using pre-emergents in your yard? Share with us your experience in the comments section! As always, if you need a little bit of help applying pre-emergent to your yard, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call over at Handsome Lawn Service and we’ll be kicking those weeds to the curb in no time.

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