Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready For The Growing Season

Getting Your Lawn Mower Ready For The Growing Season
March 8, 2021 handsomelawn
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Are you gearing up for a busy lawn season in Texas? Don’t worry, we’re all preparing for the upcoming spring and summer growth. There is no better way to get all your ducks in a row than by getting your lawnmower ready. Basic lawn mower maintenance will help extend the life of your mower. Nothing is worse than going to start your mower and realizing that it has finally kicked the bucket. So here are a handful of ways to get your lawn mower in tip-top shape so that it’ll function all season long.

Drain the gas tank.

At the end of every mowing season, it’s important that you empty the gas from the tank in the mower. If you failed to do so in the fall, don’t worry, you can still empty it before spring. You’ll want to have fresh gas in the tank that the engine functions at its best.

Invest in a basic maintenance kit.

Maybe you don’t have all the right tools to take apart and reassemble a mower and that’s okay. Nowadays, they sell basic maintenance kits for your lawn mower that have everything you need to get it tuned up for the upcoming season. For instance, the Toro Walk Lawn Mower Engine Maintenance Kit contains engine oil, a spark plug, an air filter, and fuel stabilizer. Everything you need for under $20. Changing the oil is a huge part of keeping a lawnmower in optimum health, so you’ll want to make sure to do this before any mowing season starts.

Clean the undercarriage.

You should be cleaning out the undercarriage of your lawn mower after every turn in the yard. Removing any clogs, mud, debris, or grass clippings is the best way to keep everything running smoothly. But this task is even more important before you tuck away your lawn mower for the season, or pull it out to use.


Sharpen the blade.

Before every mowing season, make sure to inspect the blade first. Lawn mower blades can get dull and worn with time, which makes for harsh cuts on your grass that can take much longer to heal and grow. It’s best practice to keep a spare set of blades on hand in case you want to swap them out before a season.

Grease the necessary moving parts.

There are a lot of moving parts to a lawnmower, but it’s important that you grease all of the necessary fittings properly with a grease gun. Use your lawn mower’s owner’s manual and find the parts of the mower that the manufacturer recommends keeping greased.

Inspect the tires.

Nothing is more annoying than starting the mowing season and realizing you have a flat tire! Before starting the mower, check the tires for any punctures or issues. Sometimes these problems can be repaired with a simple $4 Tire Patch Kit, or you might need to replace the mower tire altogether. Either way, it will be a worthwhile investment to keep your mower working at its best.

Always remember, if you need any help with this upcoming mowing season, or you’d like a professional to have a look at your yard and get it landscaped right, you can always contact Handsome Lawn Service to help.