Handsome Lawn Service Was Featured In Voyage Dallas Magazine!

Handsome Lawn Service Was Featured In Voyage Dallas Magazine!
January 29, 2018 handsomelawn
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One of the most exciting things to happen to Handsome Lawn Service so far in 2018 is our feature story in Voyage Dallas Magazine. For those who are unfamiliar with Voyage Dallas, this magazine highlights some truly inspiring stories, events, activities and businesses around the area. And what’s even cooler is that we’ve been featured! Here at Handsome Lawn Service, we were happy to have had an opportunity to share our story of how we came to be, through the eyes of the Founder and Head Honcho, Phillip Vanarsdel.

Phillip was born and raised in Arlington, Texas which is only fitting that Handsome Lawn Service calls this area home, too. What began as a fun way to incorporate his design background with the desire to be outside, stay active and break a sweat, eventually culminated into Handsome Lawn Service. The thing that sets Handsome Lawn Service apart from the rest of the pack, is that Phillip really listened to what people were saying about their current lawn care company. He used the insight shared by prospective clients and paired it with his own preferences to shape the core values of this business.

Phillip states, “I wanted to be a respectable, dependable, full service landscaping company that customers could count on and feel safe with. I didn’t want to be the cheapest in town. I wanted to be the best. I wanted to create a brand. My desire was to be a place where young men could come earn cash while learning the art of manual labor and morals, a couple of things that are lacking in the newer generations. Chatting with my life partner, Kristen, she helped birth the name Handsome Lawn Service.”

The term “handsome” isn’t used to address looks, as some might suppose. Instead, the term extends far beyond being aesthetically pleasing and addresses the overall package that makes something appealing. What Phillip focuses on in terms of the “handsome” services he offers is not in selling lawn services or mowing a lawn, it’s about selling a company that is reliable, dependable, and willing to work hard in order to give you the lawn care that you deserve. Phillip goes on to say, “most anyone can mow a yard.” But what he sought out to do was create a unique brand above all others, focusing on the aspects of a lawn service company that might usually fall by the wayside for competitors. It isn’t about how many hours worked or about the sweat put in, it’s about the results, and Handsome Lawn Service delivers successful results each and every time. Take a look at a few before-and-after photos to see what Handsome Lawn Service is all about.

What makes Handsome Lawn Service so special is that the values this company holds dear often align with those of the people who hire them: accountability, respect, hard work and communication. Phillip didn’t want to start a business that was purely revenue-centric. Building a brand and a business on that type of foundation surely will crumble. Instead, Phillip focused on the core values at the heart of the business and built them to reflect the good in the world today. Phillip makes sure that his team is held accountable. He states, “accountability is key. I am accountable for everything my crew does and most all our customers can text me at any time if they need to chat about anything at all.”

Manual labor is no easy feat, and Phillip recognizes that building a business that is manual-labor-driven while also maintaining values and morals is not a simple task. Being on your feet for hours on end, outside in the Texas elements can often be exhausting and even frustrating for some. Phillip says, “getting outside to work when the heat index is 120 will rip you up. It’s no joke and it takes a special kind of strength to get through with a solid attitude.” Which is why Phillip not only chooses a team that he knows have both the strength of body AND mind, but he also gets right out there with them and is a leader that leads, by example. This is not only rare, but also remarkably admirable. To read the entire story from Voyage Dallas, click here.

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