How To Cover Plants In Case Of A Texas Freeze

How To Cover Plants In Case Of A Texas Freeze
January 12, 2022 handsomelawn
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What happens when you get a freeze watch in Texas and all of your plants are out in the open, about to become ice cubes? Fear not, friends. There are some really simple things to do to prevent all of your year’s hard work within your garden. One of the simplest things you can do to protect your plants from a Texas freeze is to cover them. Think of it as a nice little tucking in with a winter blanket, one that will help your plants stay warm and cozy for spring! Here are a few tips on how to cover your plants in case of a Texas Freeze.

Freeze Protection Tip One 

The first, and easiest tip, is to move any potted plants into an indoor area. When a freeze comes, anything that can be moved to safety should be. Also, make sure to know which plants can tolerate cold weather and which cannot. You may have a few plants that don’t mind the cold, meanwhile, others may need to be brought inside as soon as fall rolls around. Just make sure the plants you’re bringing inside or into the garage are not poisonous to your indoor pets.

Freeze Protection Tip Two

Make sure you’re covering from the ground up. What actually protects plants from the cold is the warmth of the soil. Soil takes quite a long time to freeze and will offer warmer air than the freezing temps that will surround the plant.

Freeze Protection Tip Three 

Drape things over the top of the plants, such as plastic tubs, large trash cans, or cardboard boxes. This will help keep the frost from effectively damaging the plants and provide an added level of security. For anything that can’t be covered like this, you can use a plastic sheet and then a fabric sheet for double the protection.

Freeze Protection Tip Four

Make sure your plants are well-watered! This can actually help protect your plants from light frost damage. Plants that are thirsty or drought-stressed will be more susceptible to cold water damage, so watering plants right before a cold snap will be very beneficial. Also, watering just before the freeze is helpful, too, as the warmth will be created for the plant. Then when paired with a nice fabric cloth, you’ll be in ultimate protection mode.

Freeze Protection Tip Five

Make sure that your coverings are secure to the ground and reach all the way to the soil. You can place rocks or wood boards over the fabric on the ground in order to secure it snugly. If a long freezing period is expected, you’ll likely want to add some straw to the ground or a heavy layer of mulch for added protection.

So, what do you think about these tips? Have you ever had to protect your plants from a Texas freeze before? Share with us your experiences in the comments section! Or if you ever need help protecting your beloved plants throughout the wintertime, make sure to give us a holler at Handsome Lawn Service.