How to Know What Type of Grass You Have

How to Know What Type of Grass You Have
April 13, 2017 handsomelawn

One of the most important factors in lawn care that people tend to overlook is first determining which type of grass they have in their yard.  Wait a sec, maybe we should back up just a smidgeon…There are different types of grass. Crazy, I know, but it’s hard not to just lump grass into one category, since it is after all—grass. But indeed, there are different types of grass in the world and each has its very own way of being treated and cared for. The first step in wanting to have the best lawn in Arlington, Texas, or heck, any parts of Texas for that matter, is understanding how to determine what type of grass you have. Below you’ll find a great guide to help you figure it all out.



First, figure out what climate you are in…

Arlington, Texas for example is more of a warm, arid zone in the United States. This means that the most common types of grass to this area is Bermuda Grass. Bermuda Grass is drought resistant, which makes it a perfect type of grass for those long Texas summers. In fact, Bermuda Grass grows solely in full sun, and becomes a very tough-type of grass. Warm-season grass like Bermuda Grass thrives when temperatures are between 80-95 degrees, which makes it the perfect Texas grass.



If you aren’t sure if you have Bermuda grass of not, then look at the youngest leaves in your lawn…

The best way to determine which type of grass you have is to look at the youngest leaves in your lawn. Find a patch that hasn’t yet grown into maturity, and look at the center of the shoot. Magnifying glasses may be required. Or you could always pull a Rick Moranis in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Basically the new leaves that form, called a vernation, either have a rolled or folded center shoot, near the bud. Determining whether or not your bud is rolled or folded can help you narrow down which type of grass you have.

Look to see how your grass is growing…

Watching to see how your grass is growing in your yard is a great way to determine the type of grass you have. Does you grass grow together in bunches? Does it spread out and grow apart over time? This type of differentiator is important in figuring out the type of grass that is growing in your area.


Note all the parts of the grass to find key pieces of information…

Grass can be broken down into separate parts, each with its own defining characteristics. For example, there is the crown of the grass which is at the very bottom, and comes from the roots, then there is the blade which is the most visible part of the grass itself. The collar of the grass which is where the stealth and blade conjoin, or the leaf tip which can be rounded, pointy, flat, or keeled. Much like humans, grass has various characteristics that we can use to determine specific information as needed.



Ask a lawn care professional…Like Handsome Lawn Service…

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming to you, or you really just don’t have a magnifying glass around, then you can give us a call and we can provide you with the lawn care you need, specific to your grass type. Things like water usage, mowing frequency, fertilization, and the like can all be tailored depending on the type of grass you have.