How to Stay Cool While Working Outside in the Texas Heat

How to Stay Cool While Working Outside in the Texas Heat
May 4, 2017 handsomelawn

Texas is one heck of a place. Beautiful, no doubt, but those summers can be insanely hot. Sometimes even deadly. With the temperatures on the rise lately, plus the air catching a bit of that stagnant heat, we decided it was important to go through a few ways to stay cool while working outside in the Texas heat. For us, we are outside all season long, so for our health and safety, it is integral to stay cool, as well as hydrated. Here are a few tips if you find yourself working outside this summer in those brutal Texas temperatures.


Take Plenty of Breaks

While this one may seem like a given, many people are in such a hurry to complete their work or get the job done that they forget to take a break. When you’re busting your butt outside in the heat, it’s easy to overwork yourself which can affect your health. Take breaks often, and when you do take those breaks make sure to…

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I don’t care if you aren’t a water person, water is your BEST friend when you’re trying to stay cool throughout those Texas summers. Nowadays, there are plenty of all natural flavorings to put in your water, so really there is no excuse in the book. Water replenishes everything that you’re sweating out in the heat, so it’s important that you fill your body right back up. If not, then you’re looking at some severe dehydrations issues throughout the day.


Wear Porous Clothing

Perhaps you have a uniform that you need to adorn while you’re working outside, and hopefully that uniform lets your skin breathe. However, if you aren’t restricted to a uniform, then make sure you wear loose-fitting, porous clothing that takes in the air and doesn’t retain sweat. Keep in mind, less is more may not be the best when it comes to clothing. Long sleeve shirts and long pants can actually help shade your skin and absorb any moisture to reduce your overall surface temperature. Just make sure if you go that route, that you’re not wearing heavy clothing.

Invest in an Ice Vest

It may be wise if you’ll be in the Texas summer heat for the next few months that you invest in some sort of ice vest.  The FlexiFreeze Ice Vest for example is an awesome product that you can refreeze and wear whenever you need it. Clocking in at just under 4lbs, you can wear this vest all day long, keeping your entire body cool with little-to-no extra effort. Then just pop it in the freezer after a long day, in order to refreeze as needed!


Wear a Hat

Whether it be a baseball cap, a sunhat, or a floppy, wide-brimmed son-of-a-gun, hats will be a HUGE help in order to keep you cool while you’re working outside in the heat. Here’s a fun fact: nearly 20 percent of your blood supply flows to your face, so when you are able to keep your field shielded and out of the sun, your body temperature will drastically reduce. A cool head can lower the rest of your body’s heat index every time.