Leaf Removal in Arlington, Texas

Leaf Removal in Arlington, Texas
November 10, 2017 handsomelawn
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Almost everyone enjoys the fall season, mostly because of the changing colors of the leaves. What a spectacular sight each year when those lush green leaves begin to turn vibrant shades of yellow, orange, brown and red. It truly is magic right in front of our very eyes. Yet, what happens when those leaves fall to the ground and then become a huge pain in the butt to clean up? Bagging leaves or leaf clean up can be a gigantic hassle for many people, especially those who don’t have hours to spend in their yards each week cleaning up after Mother Nature. This is where we come in. If you’re looking for the best of the best in leaf removal in Arlington, Texas, then Handsome Lawn Service is ready for your call. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with why cleaning up leaves is so important, here are a few reasons to get you started.
Leaving leaves behind is bad for your lawn.
Think about this: you spend tons of money and time throughout the year on yard mowing services in order to have a pristine, perfect lawn. Yet, when autumn and winter roll around, you think that you have a welcomed break from taking care of the lawn. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Dead leaves left on the lawn can eventually accrue moisture and become a heavy mass killing or damaging the grass. Matted leaves ultimately block the sunlight, but also can grow fungus and mold which leads to nowhere good for your grass.
If you don’t feel like bagging leaves, then mulching leaves is the next best thing.
Bagging leaves takes a lot of time. First you need to rake into piles, then you need to pick up those piles and try to stuff everything into a garbage bag, then you need to pray that your garbage can will fit all your new bags. It’s a headache and a half. Yet, there is another way. Mulching leaves instead of bagging them, not only saves time but also is good for your lawn! It’s actually the recommended method for the City of Arlington, Texas. Just use your lawn mower to mulch them and scatter them about the yard with a solid fertilizer and consider it a job well done to feed your lawn.
You don’t want to get in trouble with the association.
Let’s face it, there are a lot of rules that different Home Owner’s Associations (HOA) have that end up costing a lot of time and effort. If your HOA insists that you clean up your leaves on a regular basis, then you really don’t have a choice. Avoid the fines, avoid the letters and emails and hire Handsome Lawn Service in Arlington to help you.  Whether you prefer to blow the leaves to oblivion or simply bag the leaves and take them away, we’re at your service in every way.
Think about the future before you leave the leaves.
You may be thinking that leaving the leaves is no big deal and you’ll just spend extra time in the spring nurturing your lawn. However, before you make that mistake, think about what could happen. By just picking up the slack in the fall, or hiring a lawn service to help, you’ll avoid hours upon hours of reseeding, replanting, redoing all the hard work you put in the previous year. Plant diseases can be left to rot your grass, leading to much more work in the springtime than what would have been in the fall.
So, for the sake of cleanliness and sanity and respect for your yard, call a dependable lawn service like Handsome in Arlington, TX. We will come assess the situation with you and give you a free quote for getting your yard and your life tidied up. Your yard will thank you and so will your neighbors.
To get a quote or schedule an appointment to get your leaves cleaned up call Handsome at 817-693-0054 or use our contact form here.