Professional Christmas Light Installation in Arlington, Texas

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2021! In the words of Parker McCollum, "Its been a hell of a year". Many people are just looking for that bright and cheery happiness to lift them up into the new year. A professional Christmas holiday light installation from Handsome Lawn Service is just the thing to do this.

So many homeowners are installing their lights today to help boost the mood of their family's as well as the neighbor's. Let us help you get started with your winter wonderland. Make the wife and the kid's smile every time they come home at night. With a dusk til dawn timer, you don't have to worry about flipping the switch. You can trust your light show will be ready as soon as the sun sets.

At Handsome Lawn Service, we only use commercial grade LED lights for our residential and commercial holiday installs. This allows you to install at least 400 bulbs per run. Gone are the times of running 10 extension cords to power your winter wonder Christmas decor. We can customize the commercial lights to your home right here in Arlington, Texas.

If you're looking for bush lighting, ground lighting, gutter lighting, lighted wreaths over the windows, or more we are here for all your Christmas installation needs. When you're ready, click here ---> to request a quote for holiday light installation.

Why do you trade with Handsome Lawn Service? I'm glad you asked. We are a recommended name in the Arlington community. We stand behind our brand and offer you the same attention to detail we put into our landscaping. You'll be working with your favorite gentlemen who speak English and have that solid set of manners you've been looking for out of today's youth. We will help you design your installation, provide and install your Christmas lights, setup your timer, test, and spread the cheer with the glorious lighting of your home. After the holidays are done, we shall return to take down the lights from your house, helping to get them ready to store for next year's install.

Request a quote today and let Handsome Lawn Service provide you and your family with ear to ear smiles and tears of joy that there is still hope and magic here in the land of the free.

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