Suggested Lawn Care Watering Schedule For Arlington, Texas

Suggested Lawn Care Watering Schedule For Arlington, Texas
April 9, 2021 handsomelawn
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A major part of what keeps many homeowners from maintaining their lawns is the perceived complexities of a lawn watering schedule. It seems like every day there is a new article about when to water, how much to water, and what is the absolute wrong time to water. But the truth is, every yard is different—whether it’s a different zip code or a different type of grass. Living in North Texas means that you’ll have a much different watering schedule than say, New Jersey. First and foremost, you’ll have to consider the drought restrictions that come with living in Texas. Also, did you know there was an irrigation restriction placed on the city of Arlington, Texas?

Fear not, we’ll cover all of this and more below…

When Is The Perfect Time To Water Your Lawn?

While there are suggested times that watering your lawn is most beneficial, it’s first important to check with your city’s ordinances to see if any restrictions are in place. For instance, in Arlington, Texas, there is a year-round irrigation and landscaping restriction that prohibits any sprinklers from being used between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The only exception to this ban is hand watering and soaker hoses. 

So, with that said, outside of the 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. window, when is the best time to water your lawn in North Texas? It is recommended that you water your lawn in the morning, before 10 a.m. because the temperatures in Texas can get quite hot quickly, so you’ll be better off to water early. Many homeowners assume that watering their lawns at night is best practice because it’s cooler and the water won’t evaporate before soaking in, but this is actually harmful to your lawn. When you water at night, you risk your grass becoming diseased, as the lawn will stay wet overnight.

How Much Should I Be Watering?

Watering advice varies based on where you’re located. While it used to be a guessing game, technology actually has made understanding how much you should be watering quite simple. With resources like Water is Awesome, you can input your address and receive weekly watering advice based on the time of year and where you’re located. Talk about a win-win!

How Do The Seasons Affect How Much Or When To Water My Lawn?


Spring, summer, fall—depending on what season you’re in, your watering habits will shift. For example, during the spring months, it’s recommended that you activate your sprinkler for the season, preferably in April or May. During the summer season, you might assume that watering every day is important, but if your root system is deep enough, you should be watering every five to eight days roughly. If the soil is less than five inches in depth, you will likely need to water more frequently. 

Fall will be the last season you’ll need to water your lawn for the year. But in Texas, that will look a bit different compared to other states. For instance, in Texas, autumn doesn’t usually start until November, as September and October remain pretty warm. You’ll still want to aim for about one inch of water per week, including rainfall, so this might be a great time to invest in a rain gauge. Just make sure that you don’t keep watering when the ground begins to freeze. In North Texas, even in the winter months, grass in Texas still grows, albeit pretty slowly. This might be the perfect time to contact a lawn professional in order to have a winter watering schedule that works for your lawn.

Finding the perfect lawn watering schedule can be tough, especially due to the harsher climates in Texas. We suggest taking the suggestions mentioned above as well as contacting Handsome Lawn Service. We can set you up on a watering schedule for your lawn that will be easy to follow all year long.