The 5 Best Landscaping Ideas For A No-Mow Yard In Texas

The 5 Best Landscaping Ideas For A No-Mow Yard In Texas
July 15, 2021 handsomelawn
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Not everyone has rich, flourishing grass blanketing their front and backyard. In fact, some Texans might not even want grass at all! Sure, there are reasons why grass can level up your landscaping, but what if you don’t want to worry about growing, seeding, and fertilizing? Don’t worry, there are other ways to elevate your lawn when you have little-to-no grass. Lately, more and more people are being drawn to a no-mow yard in Texas, and if you’re considering it, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Try a potted or raised garden.

If you aren’t able to grow much grass or you simply don’t want to try, then try building out a raised garden instead! Not only will you be able to take up a lot of space in your yard and cover up any bare spots of lawn, but you’ll also have flowers, herbs, and vegetables as a reward. All you need to do is trade in a lawnmower for a watering can and some seedlings and you’ll be ready to rock!

Do more with rocks!

Speaking of ready to rock, one of the recent trends in landscaping involves very few plants and tons of gravel. One of the easiest ways to cover up a neglected backyard is by replacing any grass with gravel. Not only are these tiny rocks more modern, but when implemented with Texas plants, they can really look sharp! You won’t even miss the grass you’ve never had with landscaped gravel.

Keep it mulched.

Another great grassless option for homeowners is choosing mulch instead. Mulch can become a really rustic, easy-to-maintain groundcover solution, especially if you choose organic kinds like pine bark or cedar. While it might be tempting to just dump the mulch right on the lawn and rake it out, you’ll want to take a few necessary precautions first. Make sure to lay a landscaping cloth down on bare soil so that weeds don’t sprout up through the surface. In addition, you may want to outline where mulch should go if you want a more tailored look in your yard.

Build a patio.

Anyone great way to enjoy the backyard but not have to deal with any grass is to instead build a patio. Whether you prefer to pour concrete, use composite, or lay patio pavers, you can create a functional and beautiful space without needing a lawnmower or regular maintenance. Or you can build the patio near the small patch of grass that is thriving in your yard!

Try a no-mow-yard fake out.

If you like the look of grass but you don’t want the hassle behind maintaining it, then you can always fake it! Artificial turf is always an option for homeowners, and no, we don’t mean 70s-style astroturf only. Nowadays, there are plenty of more modern fake grass options that not only look great but also provide drainage and are meant for longevity!

So, what do you think about this idea of a no-mow yard in Texas? Is this something you’d consider for yourself? Make sure to let us know in the comments section! As always, if you need help with your lawn or you want to landscape with little-to-no grass, you can always call on us at Handsome Lawn Service.