The Best Privacy Shrubs You Can Add For More Seclusion In Texas

The Best Privacy Shrubs You Can Add For More Seclusion In Texas
July 24, 2021 handsomelawn
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For anyone that has a big yard but a few neighbors, privacy shrubs are a great option. Most houses have neighbors to the left, right, and many times even in the back, and for a little added seclusion, privacy shrubs can really make a difference. With fencing, the fence only goes a certain height and anything after that is left open. But with privacy shrubs, you can grow them to whichever height works best for your yard and then keep them trimmed once or twice a year. Believe it or not, shrubs are not just important for privacy or added dimension to the yard. Trees and shrubs also play an important role in the yard’s ecosystem. Shrubs add extra layers of vegetation in order to provide food, shelter, and wildlife nesting habitats! Check out these privacy shrubs for Texas yards to see which will not only add privacy but also a little bit of natural beauty, too.


As one of the most popular shrub options across the country, Arborvitae is easy to grow in many different climates. These shrubs come in vibrant greens and yellows, and they can grow VERY high. Just make sure to keep them trimmed each year so they don’t grow out of control.

Wax Myrtle

Wax Myrtles can range in shape and size depending on how you trim them. But the best part about these popular shrubs is that they fill in any space beautifully. Plus, Wax Myrtle bushes have a very fast growth rate which means they’ll grow about 3 to 5 feet every year!

Texas Sage

A Texas Sage Shrub is a classic shrub that is native to Texas and thrives in the southwest. Not only is Texas Sage drought-tolerant, but it also adds a little bit of beauty to the yard with the silvery foliage and purple flowers. The flowers blossom here and there throughout the year so you can enjoy this shrub all year long.


Juniper bushes have needle-like leaves and can come in a variety of green and blue shades. These shrubs can grow, folks. We’re talking up to 20 feet or more! So for anyone that really wants added seclusion all the way around the house, this one’s for you.

Hydrangea Bush

Hydrangea bushes provide both beauty and seclusion in one shot. These stunning orbs of colors will pop up and add an extra dimension to your yard immediately. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this bush grows wide more often than tall, so if you want to plant something that isn’t towering but still does the job then Hydrangea bushes are the way to go.


So, what do you think about these privacy shrubs for Texas yards? Would any of these add a little bit more style and seclusion to your landscaping? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section! As always, if you’re looking for help leveling up your yard with privacy shrubs, you can always contact us at Handsome Lawn Care.