Tips For Finding The Right Color And Kind Of Mulch For Your Yard In Texas

Tips For Finding The Right Color And Kind Of Mulch For Your Yard In Texas
September 23, 2021 handsomelawn
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Nothing jazzes up a lawn quite like a bit of mulch, right? To be honest, mulch doesn’t really get the recognition that it deserves. This versatile landscaping tool is in so many Texas yards, and yet, you might be trained not to notice it at all! But if you’re thinking about adding some mulch to your landscaping, whether for functionality or style, we have a few tips and tricks to consider. Mulch isn’t just one and done, there are a few different colors and varieties that can make all the difference for your yard. Check out a few ways to find the right color and kind of mulch for your yard in Texas.

Why Mulch Is Important

Let’s jump right in as to why mulch is important for your yard. Mulch is a versatile product that offers up a level of aesthetic to your yard with crisp edges and uniformity. Mulch, which is made from compost, decaying leaves, and bark, can help insulate your soil in order to provide protection from fluctuating hot and cold temperatures. Additionally, mulch retains water, which can be a huge benefit when you’re trying to keep plants and tree roots moist. Also, if you hate pulling weeds from your garden, mulch can help keep weeds out, preventing any root competition with your existing flowers and plants. A few more reasons why mulch can help your yard include:

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Adding nutrients to the soil
  • Encouraging earthworms to thrive

Finding The Right Color Mulch

There are three common colors offered for mulch – red, brown, and black. Each of these colors will provide a different advantage, depending on the type of garden you’re planting. For instance, if you’re looking to plant darker colors, such as dark greens or browns then usually any color mulch works. But a general rule of thumb when planting flowers, try not to pick a mulch that will go against the colors of the flowers. The last thing you want is a red mulch competing with a red flower. Try a black mulch with a red flower for a nice pop of color!

It’s also important to choose a mulch color based on the color of your own home. For example, a red brick home would look great with brown mulch. Or, if you have warm tones in your space or terra cotta, you might want to consider red mulch.

Finding The Right Kind Of Mulch

There are different types of mulch to consider for your yard, each offering up different benefits. The most common types of mulch you can purchase include shredded bark, bark nuggets, pine straw, landscape rocks, shredded leaves, and rubber mulch. The most common type of mulch used is shredded bark, which is made from cedar and pine trees and can decompose into your soil over time, enriching your garden overall. Pine straw is available in the South and is slower to break down. However, this type of mulch is popular in the South when used with acid-loving plants. Also, a newcomer to the world of mulch is rubber mulch made of recycled tires. This mulch won’t break down and can be ideal for children playing or even placing in a garden so that maintenance can be at a minimum.

So, what do you think? Would you be able to find the right color and kind of mulch for your yard in Texas after reading this?! If you’re still a bit uneasy about jumping into the world of mulch, then give us a call at Handsome Lawn Service. We have professionals standing by to help with all of your mulching needs.