Top Mosquito Repellent Plants For Your Patio In Texas

Top Mosquito Repellent Plants For Your Patio In Texas
May 24, 2021 handsomelawn
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Nothing is better than when you’ve finally gotten your yard in shape, deck chairs polished up for the season, and a meal cooking on the grill. But one tiny little insect can ruin all of the hours that go into making your backyard a haven. If you’re the type that wants to try and keep those pesky mosquitoes away with a more natural approach, then don’t worry. There are plenty of mosquito repellent plants that you can line your patio in Texas with to keep the bugs at bay. You don’t need to bomb, or spray, or douse your patio with any chemicals. Just simply find the right plant for your patio and watch the mosquitoes keep their distance.


You’ve definitely smelled Citronella before, even if you haven’t known what it was exactly. Maybe you’ve been to a friend’s house and they lit up a candle to keep bugs away? Well, usually those candles are scented with Citronella grass! Citronella is known as the top plant to have on your patio to repel mosquitoes. But the best part for Texans is that this plant is both heat and drought-tolerant. So it’s a win-win for any Texas patio.


Planting lavender is not only a great choice when you’re trying to surround yourself with plants that smell great, but these beauties also produce an essential oil that can be used to repel mosquitoes. Lavender is great in Texas regardless, as it is drought-tolerant and can thrive in full sun, but the fact that it also keeps mosquitoes away is just an added bonus in our book.


If you want to level up your yard AND keep mosquitoes away, then we suggest adding some potted marigolds throughout the patio area. These annuals produce some truly beautiful flowers in red, orange, and yellow shades, plus, they are known to repel insects in general, beyond just mosquitoes!


If you happen to share your home with a few fur friends, then planting some catnip throughout the yard will be a benefit in more ways than one. Catnip has been known to repel mosquitoes through a chemical constituent known as nepetalactone. Studies have even found this to be more effective than DEET! Just be warned, catnip can spread quickly in the ground, so potting might be your best option.

Basil, Sage, & Rosemary

Adding a few herbs to your garden is a great idea if you’re looking to keep mosquitoes away – and simultaneously level up your homemade tomato sauce. The great thing about basil is that the leaves usually smell wonderful for humans, but terrible for mosquitoes. Sage and rosemary are also beneficial at keeping the mosquitoes away, but only when you add fire. The scented smoke released is what will deter the bugs.

Want to take things a step further? You can use sprigs from any of the above-mentioned plants to make a homemade bug spray! Simply crush up the leaves from the plants in order to bring out the natural oils, add some more essential oils like peppermint and clove, and fill with water in a spray bottle. Voila!

As always, if you need some help sourcing out some mosquito repellent plants this summer in Texas, you can always call on us at Handsome Lawn Service to help.