Best time of day to water lawn in Texas

When to Water Your Yard
May 27, 2017 handsomelawn

Watering your yard can be a make-or-break task when it comes to maintaining a healthy, lush lawn year-round. There are common misconceptions about when the best time is to water your yard, and we are here to debunk those misconceptions entirely.  Many people think that it is best practice to come home from work, turn the sprinklers on and let the hydration do the work. Yet, this can technically do more harm than good. Also, what about Arlington, Texas water conservation efforts? Can you be cited for watering your lawns at the wrong time of day? All this and more, we are set to explore. Starting with…

When to Water Your Yard For Your Lawn’s Sake

Best practice states that watering your yard around dawn, right before sunrise, will maintain a fresh and healthy yard. While most people assume that they have the choice between morning time and evening time, this is actually incorrect. Watering your yard during the evening hours can potentially damage your lawn beyond repair. When you water your yard at night, the lawn absorbs what it needs, while the excess water sits on the grass, unable to be absorbed properly. This eventually can lead to lawn disease, or lawn fungus over time. When you water your grass in the morning before sunrise, the grass absorbs what it needs, and the excess water evaporates with the sunshine or heat. There is no water left sitting on your lawn.

When To Water Your Yard For Your Town’s Sake

Many towns have specific water restrictions, so it is important to understand when you can and cannot water your lawn for the sake of city conservation efforts. For example, in Texas, starting on June 3rd, specific Arlington water restrictions will be put into place. Because the summers are quite hot in Texas, the city of Arlington needs to have water drought and contingency plans in place in order for there to be enough water to go around. This means that your regular lawn care may have to be adapted to fit the needs of the city. The goal of the Arlington, Texas water restriction efforts is to reduce water consumption by 5% through more efficient water usage and irrigation. Water conservation in Arlington is a crucial part of maintaining proper levels of water within the city limits so that droughts do not occur. To find out more about when you can and cannot water your yard in Arlington, Texas, check out:

When To Water Your Yard For Your Sake

If you find watering your yard a hassle and just don’t have time to wake up some mornings before dawn to do your due diligence, then it’s time to invest in an automatic water sprinkler system. An automatic sprinkler system is the best way to ensure that your yard is getting what it needs to remain healthy and vibrant without you needing to keep to a schedule and wake up to manually make the effort. With easy-to-install in ground systems, you can be up and running for summertime, making sure that your yard stays as green and plentiful as ever. If you think that an in-ground automatic water system is expensive, think again. Over the course of a weekend, and for less than $150, you can have your lawn being watered on a regular basis all season long.

But wait, let’s go back to Arlington, TX water restrictions…

We mentioned above that Arlington, Texas water restrictions are important to note, not only for the amount of water you use, but also the amount of water that you take away from others. Arlington, TX water restrictions are in place so that the city is not affected by a drought which can be very detrimental to residents beyond just their yards. An important way to keep these water restrictions in mind is when you pay your bill through Arlington water utilities. Don’t simply log in and pay or send a payment, but actually check your water usage. Are there ways to cut back? Can you cut back the use of your sprinkler and irrigation system by 15 minutes? Can you start watering your yard an inch of water less than normal? Perhaps noticing that the worst time to water a lawn is all that fits into your schedule and you need to make some changes.

Keeping your lawn hydrated is a must—plain and simple, and oftentimes residents and homeowners have too much going on early in the morning, especially with children to shoo off to school and the dread of traffic standing in their way. Watering in the mornings just isn’t on everybody’s radar. However, by making sure that your lawn is watered first thing in the morning, rather than midday or whenever you have time, will save you money as well as cut back on your overall water usage in Arlington. This can ultimately lead to your lawn flourishing with just a simple adjustment.

Think about it this way…you water your lawn when you can, which is usually when you get home from work, or on the weekends after a slow start to your day. In one circumstance, the water will sit on the grass as the sun sets or after the sun sets and create a HUGE problem for you in the long run. In the second circumstance, the sun is at its peak time in the sky, drying up any efforts you might have to hydrate your lawn almost immediately and never letting the water get to the grass root. This means more watering efforts, and ultimately more water usage which will take a toll on your water bill, your time and the water restriction for your city and town.

Many homeowners want the benefit of having a beautiful, lush, well-maintained lawn, but either aren’t sure of the work it needs or don’t have the time to put in the work. A beautiful lawn and maintaining that lawn go hand-in-hand. You know what they say, Michelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel overnight, right? Time, attention and effort go into maintaining a beautiful lawn and it all starts with watering. Knowing when to water your lawn, how long to water your lawn for, or how often can essentially be the critical steps that you’ve been overlooking all along. Always keep in mind when you water your yard that there are three things to consider—your town, your own schedule, and your lawn’s needs. Once those three things align, you’ll be in business.