Why You Should Mow Your Grass Every Week

Why You Should Mow Your Grass Every Week
April 9, 2017 handsomelawn
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The thing about lawn care that most people tend to overlook is that it isn’t all about aesthetics. Sure, having a well-manicured lawn in Arlington, Texas can be a huge plus and add value to your home overall. But lawn care maintenance goes beyond just how neat it looks and actually requires regular care in order for your lawn to thrive for many years to come. Here are a few reason why you should mow your grass every week, and truth be told, the answers may just surprise you…



Length is a Huge Factor

Most people try to set mowing their lawn to somewhat of a regular schedule. If every other Sunday will be your mowing days, you may want to consider changing your mind. It doesn’t matter that you keep a regular schedule, but what matters is that it gets done. For example, it isn’t about the day of the week you choose, it is more about the length of the grass itself. A calendar schedule doesn’t take into account rainfall, seasonal conditions, overall growth of your lawn. The thing about Texas is that the weather is a bit temperamental, especially during the spring season. Rain came come in abundance one day and your grass can shoot up without warning. Normally, a way to keep the length of grass at bay in regularity is to have it mowed once a week.


A Healthy Lawn Will Grow Fast

Another reason to mow your grass every week is because if it’s healthy, it grows fast! Healthy lawns, especially those that are cared for regularly and provided nutrients, water, and fertilizer, will grow very fast, and by regularly mowing your lawn, you are conditioning it to remain healthy and continue to grow. Fluctuations in lawn care maintenance tend to take its toll on the grass itself, and can lead to long-term problems over time. Each type of grass looks the very best and stays its absolute healthiest, when it is mowed regularly.

Just Because It’s Yellow Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Mow

Many people assume that because a lawn has had some yellowing, or yellow patches, it shouldn’t be mowed. Believe it or not, when you don’t mow yellowed lawn, you are actually helping the problem to grow. Nip the problem in the bud (no pun intended) by mowing that yellowed grass so that new grass can sprout up in its place. Yellowed grass needs to be mowed weekly to in order to rid your lawn of any looming problems.


Cutting a Tiny Bit at a Time Helps

Are you the type of homeowner that lets their grass get to almost uncomfortable levels (for you, your neighbors, and your association) then finally break and spend the day mowing? That type of lawn care maintenance is harming your lawn big time. Have you ever seen the grass at a golf course? Short, kept, almost perfectly pristine. Granted, they water often and fertilize, too. But you probably also see the lawn mowers on and moving along that course every day. That’s because cutting a tiny bit of grass often, rather than a whole bunch at once, is a much healthier way to take care of your lawn in the long run.


Mulching Isn’t Just A Visual Bonus

Believe it or not, mulch isn’t just to keep things in-line for your lawn. Mulching actually helps improve the health of your lawn, and when the lawn is mowed weekly, the benefits are endless. The actual point of mulching is to allow tiny pieces of the mulch to fall into your lawn and provide nutrients and aid to your growing grass. When you mow ever week, you are able to cut up that mulch more and add it to your lawn, rather than letting it sit in big chunks.

Hopefully now you understand the importance of mowing your grass every week, especially in Arlington, Texas. For more help in terms of lawn care and maintenance, drop us a line! We would love to hear from you.