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    MowWeed EatTrim BushesTrim TreesSweatLook GoodWork Hard without CryingStay HydratedBe On Time

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    I use it for communicating and that's really all.I have to check my SnapChat every 2 minutes.I have to check Facebook even while I'm driving.I can put it down, no problem.I bought a cool ass phone holder for my belt, so I can stay social nonstop.I can leave it in the truck, so I can perform my job properly.I can't hear when I am looking at my phone.I am so popular that I can't have a real job due to the amount of social networking I do on my phone.
    How many years experience do you have mowing professionally?

    What company have you mown professionally for?

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    MowWeed EatTrim BushesLeaf CleanupZero TurnLook PrettyHave a Good AttitudeBe on TimeHold the ShovelWatch over the BulldozerPickup Lunch

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