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For residents of Arlington, TX seeking out trustworthy maintenance services for their lawn, look no further. Handsome Lawn Service offers top notch lawn service to Texas homeowners. As one of the top lawn care businesses in Arlington, TX, Handsome Lawn Service takes pride in providing sensational customer service with every landscaping and maintenance service offered. It isn’t simply enough for us here at Handsome Lawn Service to do a good job with your lawn care needs. While we do handle the dead grass and maintenance of flower beds that tend to get most homeowners frustrated, it matters more to us to provide exceptional, reliable service each and every time.

With an abundance of landscaping services offered, we don’t just cut grass. Here at Handsome Lawn Service, we also provide tips and tricks for the most basic care for your yard. Leaf removal, winterizing, when to water your yard—all this and more will be included in what we offer. Doing the work is only half the job, while offering up our expertise and knowledge is of equal importance.

Dead grass is one of the primary reasons Arlington, Texas residents request our lawn care service. If you hate having those thick, yellow patches of grass sprout up in your yard every year, or weeds creating an uneven look and killing your healthy grass, then give us a call. We know how to handle the most popular and common types of grass in Texas, as well as what to do to make sure the grass lasts through winter to flourish during spring. Texas grass needs to be handled in a particular way, especially due to the hot, arid climate. Even with pockets of cold winter nights, and sometimes even frost, dead grass can happen seemingly overnight. Give us a call and we can address all of your lawn care questions and concerns right on the spot.

Most landscaping services or lawn care businesses just focus getting the job done. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. Here at Handsome Lawn Service, we make sure to incorporate stellar customer service into what we offer so that we can pass on our lawn-care know-how to all of our clientele. It isn’t just about completing a job and moving on—but instead allowing us to educate our customers so that they too, understand how their lawn works and what needs to be done.

Many of our customers simply do not have the time to maintain their lawn all year long. Which is where we step in. Handsome Lawn Service will be there when you can’t, so that your lawn and flower beds still grow and prosper for all to enjoy. Coming home to a well-maintained yard, or watching your kids play and enjoy your expanse of lawn can be both rewarding and valuable experience. So if you’re looking for a lawn care service in Arlington, TX that goes above and beyond, Handsome Lawn Service is ready when you are.

Timing makes a difference. That should be the rule of thumb for every person who wishes to make sure his or her grass seed flourishes each year. The time of year in which seed is planted can actually make more of a difference than disease or the weather. Think about it for a moment—you are fertilizing your lawn during the August months, because you hope to keep the grass growing beautifully during the winter months. Unfortunately, this is not best practice for your lawn. Fertilizing a lawn should occur in late spring, early summer right before the grass kicks off into a growing frenzy. The time of year in which you care for your grass is often the most important component of the whole process.

Keeping a lawn diary is also a simple way to maintain the grass all year round. Use the diary to keep track of when you water, when you fertilize, when you seed and more. A lawn journal can be the perfect way to alleviate having to remember everything lawn-care-related, and make sure the process of upkeep for your yard is seamless and simple. Use the diary for your lawn in conjunction with a calendar to make sure you hit all the right spots each and every year. This sort of monitoring of your lawn not only leaves zero room for error, but also can give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll have documented exactly when you are supposed to be treated and trimming your lawn.

Another important aspect of overall lawn maintenance is the leaf clean up. Many home owners think that lawn mowing is the key element to having a lush, vibrant lawn. Sure, mowing the lawn is an important aspect, but it is not the only thing worth paying attention to. Cleaning up the leaves throughout your yard can help alleviate disease from spreading, as the leaves collect moisture and mold, transferring the mold to the grass. Hiring lawn mowing services such as HLS can help cover the leaf gathering component of lawn maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about spending an entire Sunday afternoon, ankle-deep in leaves. We’ll rake, we’ll pile, and we’ll collect those pesky leaves that litter your lawn. Then we’ll dispose of them the right way, and leave your lawn looking clean and fresh, just like you know and love.

Lawn care starts with choosing the right lawn care service. Not everybody has the time to maintain their lawn the way it needs to be maintained. Whether it be due to work obligations, family time, or simply not enough hours in the day—we understand. HLS is here to make sure that your lawn doesn’t take a backseat while being in the forefront of your house. Not only will we cover the leaf cleaning, the lawn mowing, and the overall grooming of your yard, but we’ll do it consistently and reliably so that you don’t have to worry.

Handsome Lawn Service is here to handle all of your lawn care needs, from light tree services to that heavy duty yard work that you’ve been putting off for months. When life creeps in and doesn’t allow you the time to provide attention and care to your backyard and lawn, that is where we step in. A backyard can be a safe haven for many—a place to retreat after a long day and unwind. Or maybe it’s a place where you can spend time with your kids, running and playing in the Texas sunshine. No matter which reason you choose to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, we will be there every step of the way.

Our services don’t just stop at handling all your lawn care needs. We take things one step further in order to provide you with the best all around service, even when we can’t handle the problem ourselves. Need a place to fix up your mower? Head on over for lawn mower repair at Expert Lawn and Garden on Division Street. Looking for recommendations for the best types of weed killer to buy? Take a look at our blog for all the latest expert tips. Handsome Lawn Service is not aimed to be a one-stop-shop for your lawn, but instead a place where you can find the answers to your questions each and every time.

Here HLS, we don’t just want to do a great job, but we want to offer our best each and every time. When we sharpen our mower blades and show up ready to work, we want you to be confident in knowing that you’re getting top notch quality care no matter what. We don’t just want to be known as another Arlington lawn service on the list, but rather THE Arlington lawn service that you know and trust. One of the most important traits that we want to bestow upon our customers is reliability. We want to provide our customers with peace of mind in knowing that their lawns are in the best possible hands.

Expert lawn service is just a phone call away. Or if you’d prefer to complete a short online form, we can get a better idea of what you’re looking for in terms of lawn service and care. Our contact form will request some personal information like name, email, and zip code for service, but also allow you the option to upload photo, too. These photos will provide us here at HLS with the chance to get a feel for what your yard looks like now, what you are looking to change or have done, so that we can offer up an estimate of services right away. Oftentimes it is the hassle of finding a new lawn service, requesting an estimate, or meeting in person that dissuades people from following through. We want the process of connecting with our services to be as seamless as possible. Which is why we’re only a phone call away.

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