5 Flowering Plants To Add To Your Yard That Are Rabbit-Resistant

5 Flowering Plants To Add To Your Yard That Are Rabbit-Resistant
October 2, 2021 handsomelawn
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One of the biggest threats to a beautiful garden is the hungry cottontail that comes hopping through to take a bite. In Texas, cottontails and jackrabbits are very common throughout the state, and can sometimes wreak havoc on your gardens. Yet, there is some good news if you don’t feel like building a fortress around your annuals or perennials to protect them from nibbles. There are a handful of flowering plants for North Texans that effectively can repel rabbits! So not only can you spruce up your garden with a little added beauty, but you also can keep those pesky rabbits away for good. Check out these 5 rabbit repellent flowers in Texas that can elevate any yard or garden.


Starting off with true beauty, Marigolds are the perfect flower to plant when you’re looking to keep the rabbits at bay. Marigolds are often a popular choice in gardens because they offer a very long blooming season all the way through summer and into fall. Normally, you can find these flowers in golds and yellows, adding a nice pop of color to any garden.


Most Texas residents are familiar with lavender already, so if there are a few plants in your garden right now, you’re already a step ahead. Lavender is part of the mint family, which is what makes it both tasty and fragrant. But the purple flowers that blossom are also exceptionally beautiful. These stems can get quite long if you leave them be, so make sure to cut them back every year to propagate any growth.


These wildly celebrated flowers are a beautiful touch to any front yard or back yard project. The reason these colorful beauties got their name is that when squeezed, the tip of the flower opens like a dragon’s mouth, showing markings that look like teeth and a tongue. Often blooming in colder weather, these flowers come in a wide variety of colors and even can attract friendly bumblebees.


Periwinkle is a very popular plant when choosing the ground cover, as the plant itself will creep along the ground and spread beautifully. The bluish-purple flowers are a delightful addition to any garden. These flowers thrive in many different climates, which end up making them an excellent choice for North Texas.


Want a flower that is both stunning and rabbit repellent? Check out Geraniums! Geraniums are a beloved garden choice by many due to the large blossoms and very minimal care. Whether you’re planting in a garden or having Geraniums in a planter, these flowers will thrive either way.

So, what do you think about these rabbit repellent flowers in Texas? Do you already have a few of these in your gardens? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section! Or, if you’re looking for more help about rabbit-resistant flowers to plant in your garden, give us a call at Handsome Lawn Service.