• Jul242021

    The Best Privacy Shrubs You Can Add For More Seclusion In Texas

    For anyone that has a big yard but a few neighbors, privacy shrubs are a great option. Most houses have…

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  • Jul152021

    The 5 Best Landscaping Ideas For A No-Mow Yard In Texas

    Not everyone has rich, flourishing grass blanketing their front and backyard. In fact, some Texans might not even want grass…

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  • Jul092021

    Why Tree Trimming In Texas Is Essential To Keeping Your Trees Healthy & Happy

    One of the more low-maintenance aspects of your yard likely comes in the form of trees. But while trees require little…

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  • Jul022021

    Can’t Grow Grass? Here Are 5 Reasons To Consider Sod Installation

    If you’re fascinated by the prospect of having a vibrant green lawn, but don’t really want to put in all…

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  • Jun262021

    Is Adding A Sprinkler System To Your Texas Yard Worth The Hassle?

    Anyone who wants to level up their grass game understands the importance of a consistent watering schedule. But for many,…

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  • Jun182021

    5 Great Plants for Attracting Hummingbirds In Texas

    There is something about hummingbirds that people go crazy about. Perhaps it’s the tiny size of the bird, the rapidly…

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  • Jun112021

    How To Add A Cacti Garden To Your Texas Yard

    If you’re the type of gardener that prefers to have a low-maintenance yard, one that doesn’t require much tending to,…

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  • Jun052021

    Best Ground Cover Ideas For Your Texas Lawn’s Shadiest Areas

    For anyone who wants to reduce the amount of landscaping needed for their yard and keep things simple in terms…

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  • Jun052021

    5 Quick Steps To Fill In Your Lawn’s Bare Spots

    Nothing can be more disheartening than seeing your lawn come back to life for the season and discovering you have…

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  • May242021

    Top Mosquito Repellent Plants For Your Patio In Texas

    Nothing is better than when you’ve finally gotten your yard in shape, deck chairs polished up for the season, and…

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