What Are The Right Perennials To Add To Your Texas Garden?

What Are The Right Perennials To Add To Your Texas Garden?
March 25, 2021 handsomelawn
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Let’s be honest—finding the right perennials for your Texas garden can be a bit difficult. It’s not as simple as showing up to a nursery and picking out the ones that will look the most beautiful. Because the weather can be quite difficult at times, especially during the summer months, you’ll want to find the right flowers. In Texas, perennials are a great choice for your garden, as they likely return every year after becoming dormant during fall and winter. If you want to jazz up your garden with hardy perennials then here are a few that add both beauty and functionality. Check out these beautiful perennials for your Texas garden.

Mexican Bush Sage

The reason why Mexican Bush Sage is the perfect garden perennial is that it requires very minimal care and thrives in hot temperatures. This hardy plant loves full sun conditions and is very drought-tolerant. Plus, it complements other plants well, especially when it blooms during the summer!


Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans add a golden hue to your garden that really shouts summertime. While these are short-lived in terms of being a perennial, they do reseed with ease, which means you’ll have them coming back year after year. Once they hit peak blossom, you can cut them, encouraging new blooms the following year.



Phlox is one of those easy-to-manage plants that just level up any garden. The blooming season for this beauty runs during spring and summer, and you can get a variety of colors ranging from pinks and purples to blues and whites. Plus, the phlox attracts birds and butterflies easily. Who doesn’t want more of those flying around their garden?!


Hardy Hibiscus

Adding Hibiscus to your garden will add a level of beauty that is exactly what you can hope for when gardening. Not only will you get some stunning flowers blossoming during the summer months, but these flowers can also be close to 10 inches in diameter! That’s not to mention the plant itself can grow to be eight feet tall.


The Scullcap flower comes in a variety of colors, including some vibrant pinks and purples. These flowers can grow up to 12 inches in height and usually bloom from spring to fall. When summer rolls around, though, expect to find some beautiful and bold blooms from this flower.

Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Having a perennial in your garden that is both aromatic and beautiful? Doesn’t get much better than that. The Tuscan Blue Rosemary is a hardy shrub that blooms throughout spring and summer and can be used when you cook, too! Just be careful not to overwater, as this one likes things on the drier side.

Of course, there are plenty of other perennials for your Texas garden that will add beauty and a bit of hardiness. Just take some time to plan so that you can find plants that are on similar watering and fertilizing schedules. As always, if you need some help from your friends at Handsome Lawn Service, we know how to do perennials right for any Texas garden.