Why Tree Trimming In Texas Is Essential To Keeping Your Trees Healthy & Happy

Why Tree Trimming In Texas Is Essential To Keeping Your Trees Healthy & Happy
July 9, 2021 handsomelawn
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One of the more low-maintenance aspects of your yard likely comes in the form of trees. But while trees require little upkeep on your end, there are still things you should do in order to keep them happy and healthy. For starters, pruning your trees is essential for a handful of reasons. Proper pruning can help keep your trees healthy for many years to come, and by proper, we don’t just mean hacking off a limb or two! Trimming your trees in Texas involves knowing the right time to prune, what areas need pruning, and how to avoid over-pruning. Check out these important reasons why pruning is essential.

Benefits of Trimming Your Trees

Reduce the risk of falling branches

This one might be most important because it involves safety. In Texas, we’re used to getting a tornado warning or two throughout the year, especially when spring and summer roll around. The last thing you’d want to deal with on top of the stress of this weather is worrying about dead tree branches falling on your home or car. By pruning regularly, you can cut down those deadened or weak branches in order to prevent any accidents down the road.

Manage overall tree health

When you prune your tree branches you can help increase the overall plant health, as well as encourage flower and fruit production! By removing dead branches, you can help assist the growth of branches that are alive which can direct the necessary nutrients to the parts of the tree that need it most.

Enhance the aesthetic of your yard

Most homeowners are striving to have a beautiful yard that they enjoy spending time in. But when tree branches and limbs are running rampant, you may not be getting the most from your yard that you could be. Proper pruning will help your tree take the shape your yard needs while also enhancing the aesthetic overall. Plus, it’ll add to the economic value of the yard, too!

When is The Best Time to Trim Trees in Texas?

Believe it or not, there is a right time to trim a tree in Texas. It might seem as simple as just going out and getting the job done, but, it’s recommended that in Texas you wait until after the temperatures cool off. By starting the trimming process in the fall months, you’ll be able to get the tree ready for blooms and buds in spring.

How to Avoid Over Pruning and The Most Common Mistakes

Over-pruning a tree can be just as bad if not worse than not pruning trees at all. One of the most common mistakes made while pruning a tree involves choosing the wrong branches to prune. Any larger tree branches that are over three to four inches in diameter can create a huge wound for the tree that becomes too large to seal off. When a tree wound doesn’t seal off properly, it runs the risk of insects and disease entering the tree. Just remember, less is more. You can never add a tree branch back onto a tree after you cut it!

Keep in mind, sometimes hiring out a professional to do the job is best, especially when they already know the proper ways to cut a tree to encourage health and happiness. As always, you can count on us at Handsome Lawn Service to help with your landscaping and lawn care needs. Don’t worry, we can provide the right care for your trees, too!