How To Add A Cacti Garden To Your Texas Yard

How To Add A Cacti Garden To Your Texas Yard
June 11, 2021 handsomelawn
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If you’re the type of gardener that prefers to have a low-maintenance yard, one that doesn’t require much tending to, then we recommend considering a cactus garden. Not only are cacti gardens aesthetically pleasing, especially in more arid landscapes, but they also have become very popular for anyone looking to conserve a bit of water. With common droughts and high heat conditions that tend to overtake the state, consider keeping things simple and easy with a drought-tolerant, low-maintenance garden option. Here are a few steps you can take in order to add a cactus garden in Texas.

Finding The Right Place In Your Yard


Luckily, living in Texas means more mild winters compares to other states, which is perfect for growing cactus. The first place to start when constructing a cactus garden is by choosing the design. Outdoor cactus gardens can grow in a variety of ways, whether it’s in planters, among sand, in a gravel garden, or even a wall of cacti! By choosing where you want to have cactus grow in your yard, you’ll eventually be able to check off step two, which is…

Choosing Which Cacti You Wish To Plant

Contrary to old-school cartoons, there are SO many varieties of cacti beyond just the two-armed green giants. Cactus is a flowering plant family that is comprised of 139 genera and close to 2,000 different species! This means that you’ll be able to choose from quite a few different cacti options from your yard. Just make sure that the ones you choose are drought-tolerant, prefer high heat, and are functional in your space. For instance, you’d want organ pipe cactus to grow in front or against a wall, meanwhile prickly pear cactus grows really well in place of bushes.

Consider Mixing Different Varieties

Much like any other garden, cacti can really level up space when varieties are mixed. By using a handful of different types of cacti, all ranging in colors, sizes, and textures, you can create a really layered look for your garden. You can even choose cacti that flower! The Star Cactus, Orchid Cactus, and Ball Cactus have flowers that bloom, which can really add a blend of color to the mix.

Always Use Gravel Instead Of Mulch

While it might be easier to mulch your cactus garden, you’ll actually be doing a disservice to your cacti. Cactus plants have shallow root systems, which means that when surrounded by mulch, moisture and heat can become trapped. This can lead to significant damage to your plants. Instead, try using gravel or stones around your cactus garden. This can add an elegant finish, while also keeping your cactus safe.

So, what do you think about these steps to add a cactus garden in Texas? Is this something that you would consider? Let us know in the comments section! Or if you’re looking for some help around the yard to prepare for your cacti garden, then give us a ring at Handsome Lawn Service. We’re here to help you and your yard whichever way we can.