When Should I Fertilize My Yard?

When Should I Fertilize My Yard?
March 10, 2017 handsomelawn

Ah, the age old question–should I or shouldn’t I fertilize my lawn? For many people, they don’t understand the importance of adding fertilizer to their lawn. However, we are here to help. Fertilizer is a great way to feed your grass, and depending where you live in the country, there are a few rules as to when and how often you should be fertilizing. Yet, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s first start with why you should fertilize your lawn.

Fertilizer Promotes Lawn Health


Adding fertilizer to your lawn helps to create a more nutrient-dense and healthy turf that can last throughout all seasons and weather conditions. In particular, buying a slow-release fertilizer will let the nutrients break down at a much slower pace over a longer period of time.

Show Me the Greenery!


Everyone expects their lawn to be a beautiful, vibrant green, right? Well oftentimes, you need a little bit of help in order to achieve that color. Green grass means that your lawn is healthy and happy, and adding a bit of fertilizer to the mix can help. When fertilizer is properly added to your lawn, that rich, green color that everyone hopes their lawn to have will appear. Depending on how often and when you add fertilizer, is the other issue. The first feeding of fertilizer for say, Arlington, Texas, should happen in the springtime, normally around beginning to mid-April. That means if you haven’t yet fed your grass with fertilizer, then it’s about that time to call Handsome Lawn Service.

Fertilizer Tackles the Weeds


Most fertilizers contain herbicides which control the weeds that tend to grow on or in your lawn. This means that when you are hoping for a more even-growth of the same grass this growing season, fertilizer will help. When you use a fertilizer with an herbicide, it adds the herbicide to the root of the grass, which helps kill it at the base, rather than just mowing it down with the rest of the grass.

Fertilizer Adds Nitrogen


When you use a slow-release fertilizer as we mentioned above, it normally contains the right amount of Nitrogen without over-saturating your lawn. Nitrogen is what helps add the rich green color we all hope (and pray) for. But you don’t want too much Nitrogen in your grass, just the right amount. Adding too much Nitrogen will definitely help your grass grow more, but not add health or greenery to the mix. Basically, you will really just need to mow more often. One tenth of a pound per week is all your lawn should have, which means that about 2lbs, maybe 3lbs, is all you will need for one complete season of growth.

Fertilizing your lawn is not a one-and-done application. You will need to fertilizer your lawn about three times during the growing season, in order to achieve maximum health for your grass. For more information about how often to fertilize your lawn, or if you need a lawn care professional to help, feel free to give us a ring at 817.693.0054.